RX-1 Calcium Reactor




The RX-1 represents the pinnacle in reactor technology available today. We’ve combined all the features an advanced reef hobbyist is looking for into a compact package that is easy to use and maintain. No more messing with finicky settings or inconsistent results, the RX-1 is a solid performer that will give you years of trouble-free service.


– 8.25″ x 9″ footprint
– 16″ tall
– Giant media chamber
– Reverse flow
– Recirculating CO2
– pH probe holder
– Eheim 1250 pump
– JG fittings throughout
– Sch. 80 PVC and unions throughout
– Large union lid for quick and easy media addition
– SMC valve for precise effluent control


The Eheim 1250 pump included with the RX-1 sets the standard for flow and efficiency. No other reactor in this class offers such a powerful and reliable pump. The Eheim carries a 2-year warranty.

By utilizing a box design, we’re able to make the best use of space under an aquarium. The RX-1 is large enough to hold an entire container of Carib Sea ARM media (8 lbs.)!

Unlike competing products, you won’t need a separate feed pump with the RX-1. The Eheim 1250 is powerful enough to serve double duty.