Thanks once again for the unparalleled service. There is no doubt in my mind I will be sticking with AquaC for all my future skimming needs! Thanks once again,

– Jim V.

Dear AquaC staff. Let me first say that I am thoroughly impressed with your protein skimmers. I have kept reef aquaria for close to 10 years and your skimmers are by FAR the best piece of equipment I have ever owned in this hobby. In fact, at one time I owned a very expensive skimmer from a German brand and it did not come close to performing the way your products do...for less than half the price. Thank you again for your great products and anticipated help.

– Joshua H.

Thank you for all of your help. I just want to let you know that your products are great. And you have AWESOME customer service. I think you have the best customer service out of any company I have ever dealt with. Thanks again. Make sure you send this to your boss as well so that he or she knows how good of a customer support person you really are.

– Brandon F.

I just bought a Remora Pro for my 55 gallon reef and I would like to say it is the greatest skimmer I have ever bought let alone seen. Within the first hour of use I got more skimmate then my last three skimmers got in their whole amount combined through the time I used them. Also my star polyps I have been waiting for to open for a month now just popped up. Even though you guys stated that not much skimming would actually happen in the first several days and microbubbles would be present that was not the case with me. I would like to thank you in making such a great skimmer.

– Grant G.

Dear Jason, Many months ago I emailed you with some questions about your skimmers, as I was getting ready to upgrade from my 46 gallon tank to a 75, and was unsure of what skimmer to purchase. I was blown away by the response from the president of the company, so very prompt and courteous. After reading numerous forums, and hearing countless kudos from Bob Fenner at wetwebmedia.com, I took the plunge and committed myself to your company, your service, and your product. I must say I have not been disappointed in any way, shape or form. I am so pleased that I did listen to what you and your most informative web site had to say. Jason, this EV-120 cranks out miles of the most vile looking/smelling foam I have ever had the pleasure/displeasure? to encounter. It took a bit of getting used to adjustment-wise, as this is my first in-sump skimmer, but I have learned to be patient with the gate valve, to give time for water to circulate after minute adjustment. I will give highest recommendation to all within earshot. No more clogged air venturis, so very quiet... while being so wonderfully efficient. Thanks for the time spent responding, you now have a very loyal customer... I hope that I may drag a few more your way. One happy reefkeeper-thanks so much

– Paul F.

Jason, your company and customer service is off the charts. Thank you so much. I'm buying another Remora for my 30 gallon high next week, by the way. It's honestly the best looking, yet functional HOT skimmer I've seen to date.

– Michael T.

Jason, Just another note to let you know how well the skimmer is performing. Unbelievable that there is no hassle with setting anything. If there were grammys for best products for the marine hobby, you would be on stage. Thanks again

– Jim G.

Mr. Kim, I was able to get my skimmer up and running again like new! Thank you so much for your prompt support and advice. It is refreshing to find a company in today's age that cares about its customers even long after the sale. Thanks again.

– Jennifer F.

I just wanted to let you guys know that I replaced two Berlin Turbos with an EV-180 on my 110gal reef tank and I cannot believe what a superior machine the EV-180 is. It completely out classes the Berlins. My only regret is that I blew $400.00 on the Berlins before I found you guys. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, a very satisfied customer

– David G.

Hi Jason, I just wanted to say that I have heard great things about your customer service, but all your help today has been FAR ABOVE my expectations. You have a new customer for life. Thanks again

– Tony H.

Jason, I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased I am with the EV-180 I'm running on my 10 week old 75G reef tank. (Which I'm just beginning to stock). Thanks for taking the time to respond to a few of my questions prior to purchasing the unit last November. Its performance through the cycling of 85 lbs of cured live rock (which took all of one week), and the weeks that followed with the introduction of two fish, a coco worm, and a couple of corals has been excellent. I will slowly continue the stocking process over the next 9 months and am confident that I purchased the right skimmer to handle the increased bioload. Thanks for producing such an excellent product.

– Craig L.

Hey Guys, Just thought I would drop a line complimenting you on your great product! I am just finishing setting up my 210G reef and fired up your skimmer last night to help clear out all the new substrate cloudiness, and I am blown away! Within hours it is now crystal clear, and the adjustment of the skimmer was a piece of cake. I am new to the hobby and have only used 2 or 3 different skimmer types, but I have researched extensively and watched what the LFS are using and heard many a horror story. After using your skimmer I know I have found the best! Hopefully the long term is as good as my first impression and I’m sure it will be. Again thanks for the great product!

– Bob F.

Steve - I'll check the characteristic of foam in the mixing box, but I have to say one thing, first. There are a lot of skimmer designs out there, many manufacturers, and even still more models to consider. But one thing that's important is SERVICE, which is an intangible not always evident or appreciated during a purchase decision. I have to say that you guys are great. I'm sure that responding to inquires such as mine is (literally) a full-time job for you, but the goodwill you generate is what will be of large benefit going forward. This is my second AquaC model. I upgraded to the EV-180 from a Remora Pro (72 Bowfront), because I was more than content with the design and performance of my Remora. Having been impressed with your response to a part request a few months back, I had no problem committing to another AquaC product. Please keep up the great work. I'll make a point of talking you up on ReefCentral. Best

– RK

Wow! This is excellent service.... I'm speechless... I've already recommended your product to friends for the past few years but didn't realize that your service matches your product... will be pushing more business to you. Thanks a million... Thanks again

– Lito A.

Hi Folks, Just to let you know that yesterday, 24 hours ago, I installed my new EV-240 on my tank. I followed the instructions to a tee and watched the skimmer sit there and simmer for about 23 hours. This thing sucks! No really, it sucks. An hour ago it started to suck the foulest looking scum I have ever seen come out of my tank!!!! It was simmering and then suddenly seem to click on. The thing is awesome!! In an hour it has pulled out more gunk than my old skimmer did in a month. I was proud of my "clear" water until I saw the stuff this skimmer was pulling out. In an hour it has collected an inch of scum in the cup!!! I must admit that when I saw the size of the foam tube I was a little skeptical that it could actually be filled with that much foam. Man, this thing is like a never ending foam conveyor belt! It almost looks like shaving cream coming out of a can! I don't usually write a testimonial but I am so impressed I had to. The workmanship is great, the product looks great and it definitely works great. You can count on me to endorse your product!!!

– Pete M.

Dear Mr. Kim, I felt the need to let you know how impressed I have been with the service and care I received concerning my Remora skimmer. The new unit you sent is performing wonderfully, and the speed in which your staff handled the situation was commendable. I look forward to continuing my consumer relationship with your fantastic company. You and your staff are truly an asset to our hobby.

– Andy J.

Thank you your reply, the EV-120 has ran for just over a week & produces better than any skimmer I have personally used!

– Darrin M.

My new Urchin skimmer with Maxijet 1200 pump as been running for 48 hours now, and this afternoon it started to produce a nice, dry, horribly brown/green colored foam. I was expecting a much longer break in period, but am very happy with i's performance so far. Thanks AquaC

– A happy customer

TO ALL, I just purchased a Remora skimmer from your company and it is already pulling junk out of my water after the first day of operation! Unbelievable! I wanted to write this e-mail to thank the company for such a great product. There is a lot of not so good products out there and it took me a little while to find the right one, which is yours. Thanks again for making my reef tank a better place for my inhabitants to live in. Because of how well this product has worked (in just one day) I plan I buying all my products from your company in the future. I will also pass along the word to others so they can enjoy the same amount of success that your product(s) have given me...keep up the great work! Thanks Again

– William T.

Jason, Just wanted to thank you greatly for your products. When I set up my 29 gallon micro reef, I decided to go with a well known mud filtration system. They made elaborate and boastful claims that a protein skimmer would not be required if this filter was used. Big Mistake!!! My tank was overrun with microalgae and cyanobacteria within one month which never subsided. The water quality continually sucked! Finally, I went on a friend's advice and bought an AquaC Remora. I saw improvements overnight. Now I have been running this thing for about 6 days and after my last water change/algae siphoning, all the green algae is gone and cyanobacteria doesn't show any signs of coming back. This thing isn't even broken in yet!! The general health of the tank is a phenomenal turn around. I will be setting up a 180g tank here in about a month. I will definitely be buying an ev-240. Many thanks. The Remora saved my tank.

– Jeff

Jason, Thank you so much. I have always told people how much I love my AquaC EV-120 and now I will be able to brag about you as well. I must say this is the BEST customer service that I have ever experienced. Sometimes in this hobby it becomes frustrating because we spend thousands and thousands of dollars and most companies just treat you like another order. I can not thank you enough for your kindness!!!!

– Scott G.

Thanks Jason, You provide the best customer service in the industry. It is appreciated! Sincerely,

– Paul P.

Once again, thank you for the quick response. Your service/e-mail is incredible - unlike any other that I've ever dealt with.

– Scott H.

Hello, I just thought I would drop you a line to express my thorough satisfaction with your Aqua C EV-120 skimmer. I recently received your product via Premium Aquatics about 10 days ago, and I still cannot believe this product's power! It is by far one of the most sound investments I have made in this hobby. I have never seen (or smelled) such foul, dirty, and FOAMY! DOM; including those at my LFS. Thank You.

– Mike S.

Steve, you guys ROCK. A product that just works and customer service like this is a rare combination today.

– Don B.

Steve, Wow......I have to say that I am amazed at the customer service I am receiving. It is such a pleasure. Trust me when I say that I'm having huge problems with a different product from a different company, and am getting the worst run-around of my life! If only every company had customer service like yours! Thank you so much for all of your help. I really appreciate it. As I progress to bigger and more intricate aquariums, (ie......need bigger skimmers), you can be sure that I will turn to AquaC for their products........without question! Have a good day, and a wonderful weekend. Regards

– Kim K.

Hi Steve! I received the new lid and the O-ring. I can’t thank you enough for the great service. You’re a “prince” of a guy! Thanks again for the great skimmer too. Unbeatable customer service and product backing! If you need any testimonials, I would be happy to give one.

– Gary S.