Our Customers

AquaC protein skimmers are used by hobbyists and professionals in a wide range of aquatic applications. Our product line is primarily geared towards marine and reef hobbyists and their home aquariums, however we do manufacture custom skimmers that serve in commercial applications.

Our products are running behind the scenes at several public aquariums, commercial coral breeders, and retail stores across the country. We've worked with some of the largest pet retailers in the nation, as well as a few ritzy hotels on the Vegas strip.

Whether you are a beginner with your first tank, or an old pro, we value your business just the same. Our sales are driven by repeat customers who fall in love with their first AquaC product, choosing to rely on our skimmers as they upgrade to even larger aquariums.

Click here to read some of our customer's testimonials. We invite you to share your experience with our products by emailing us to info@proteinskimmer.com.