We manufacture several different styles of protein skimmer to fit a variety of tank sizes and types. Whether you've got a 15 gallon nano reef or a 1,500 gallon commercial propagation system, we build the right skimmer for you.

Our most powerful skimmers, professional grade performance for the most demanding systems. Six models to choose from for tanks up to 2,000 gallons. Sump mount, internal or external.

Powerful hang-on skimmers designed for tanks up to 120 gallons.

Three models to choose from, all sharing the same compact profile and sleek looks you demand in a hang-on skimmer. Plug and play.

Slim and efficient, the Urchin Series are the sump versions of our popular Remora skimmers. Two models to choose from, plug and play installation and nearly maintenance-free operation.

The pinnacle in reactor technology available today. Designed to handle tanks up to 450 gallons, the RX-1 is a calcium and alkalinity beast.