We designed the EV-240 to meet an important goal - it had to be powerful enough to handle a large SPS reef tank, yet short enough to fit under most aquarium cabinets. At 26" tall, this skimmer achieves a level of performance rarely seen in such a compact package.

 - SMC precision valve for air flow control

 - John Guest Speedfit connection

 - Twist-Loc collection cup with EPDM gaskets

 - Raised gate valve for easy sump installation

 - 26" tall

 - 6-3/4" x 10-3/4" footprint (not including pump)

 - 1" hose barb water input

 - 1-1/2" gate valve output

 - 3/4" collection cup drain

 - 3/8" threaded air inlet

 - 1/4" JG fitting

 - Gate valve exit is 8-1/2" high

 - Mag Drive 12

 - Mag Drive 18*

 - Gen-X Mak 4*


*Using a larger pump like the Mag 18 or Mak 4 will overdrive the skimmer, resulting in maximum performance. However, be aware that you will need to install a valve between the pump and the skimmer to fine-tune the water flow.

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